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Presence Detectors _Tectomat Presio

Presence Detectors _Tectomat Presio

Giá: 20,000 VNĐ

Trong kho: Còn hàng

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(04)37 52 56 55

Mô tả

Assured discretion
Flush mounted fixed at the ceiling, they detect over 360° and are easily ignored with their modest size. The adjustable head allows adapting the detection zone according to the room’s configuration.

A double patented lens
They are equipped with a double lens (Flash patent) which offers an exceptional fineness in infrared detection. Micro-movements are sufficient to switch on and maintain the light on; same for the heating and ventilation applications.

  • With the automatic management of the lighting/ventilation, you can make significant savings in power consumption and the occupants are not under constraints.
  • Visual comfort is maintained whatever the conditions of natural illumination
  • For big areas which are equipped with several detectors, it is possible to synchronise the detectors with the function Master/Slave.
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